Yes! CanFigureIt Geometry is currently a free tool for all teachers and students. Click here to create a free teacher account. Once your registration is complete, you will be able to access CanFigureIt Geometry, and you can create classes in the Teacher Portal. Then, students can create accounts to join your classes.

CanFigureIt Geometry is a web-based tool optimized for Chrome browsers that can be used on Chromebooks, PCs, and Macs.

CanFigureIt is not optimized for tablets or mobile phones.

Yes. Creating a FREE teacher account with CanFigureIt Geometry will provide you with access to our teacher portal and dashboard. The teacher portal allows you to import student accounts from either Clever or Google Classroom, or you can invite your students to join your CanFigureIt class with a Class Code. The teacher dashboard provides access to student performance reports on a student level and on a whole class level.

You can view our archived tutorials and webinars on our YouTube channel here.  Additionally, there are some printable guides available here.

Yes, CanFigureIt Geometry is integrated with Google Classroom rostering.

To upload your Google Classroom rosters or match your student accounts, refer to this guide.

Yes, CanFigureIt Geometry is integrated with Clever.

To connect with Clever or match your student accounts, refer to this guide.

The Class Code is used to invite students to your class.

If you have imported your students from Google Classroom or Clever, DO NOT use the class code – it will only result in students making duplicate accounts. Instead, have students use the “Log In With Google” button (or Clever, as needed) to log in to CanFigureIt.

You can reset student passwords in the Teacher Portal under Manage Students. Select your class and your student, then click the button in the top right corner to reset password or unblock a student account. When resetting a student password, it will be reset back to the student username.

  • If you imported your students, be SURE that they are using the “Log In With Google” button to enter CanFigureIt.
  • Do NOT give students the Class Code, as that will only result in them making duplicate accounts.

If you are a teacher: You can use the email address that you signed up with as your username, along with your regular password.

If you are a student: Your teacher can look up your username in the Teacher Portal.

Upon account setup, you were asked to generate security questions. Follow the link on the login screen to reset your password via the security questions.

  • Try reimporting the class again.
    If there is a problem with a specific student within the class, you can “Disconnect” that student from Google within the Student Actions menu.
  • If there is a serious problem with importing students, you can disconnect the ENTIRE class from Google and try the import again.
  • As a last resort, have the missing students join the class using the Class Code instead of importing them.
  1. Ensure that your web browser is up to date. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for CanFigureIt.
  2. Clear your cache. Not sure how? Follow these steps.

Going forward, every student account in the system will be deleted every July 1. Additionally, all teacher accounts that have been inactive within the past 11 months will also be deleted.

This is partially to keep the user database to a manageable size in our absence, but also to reduce the likelihood of Google Classroom import problems when a student has been previously imported into one of our products.

If your students’ user accounts no longer exist, simply import them from Google Classroom (or Clever), or have them make new accounts using the Class Code.

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