1. Wait…is CanFigureIt Geometry REALLY free?

Yes! CanFigureIt Geometry is currently a free tool for all teachers and students. Click here to create a free teacher account. Once your sign up is complete, you will receive an email to access CanFigureIt Geometry and create student accounts for your classes. Contact us at educators@new.canfigureit.com or call 844-222-2320 with any questions.


2. Are there any technical specifications I should know about?

CanFigureIt Geometry is a web-based tool optimized for Chrome browsers that can be used on Chromebooks, PCs, and Macs. It is not currently optimized for tablets or mobile phones.


3. I’ve opened CanFigureIt Geometry but I can’t see any activities. What’s happening?

This likely is related to the zoom settings within your browser. Try zooming out; the activities should become visible. If not, please email us at educators@new.canfigureit.com for one-on-one help.


4. How can I submit product feedback or ask a question?

Reach out to our Product Owner at krithim@new.canfigureit.com! We work hand-in-hand with teachers to continuously improve CanFigureIt Geometry and we’d love to hear from you.


5. Can I set up student accounts and access any performance reports?

Yes. Creating a FREE teacher account with CanFigureIt Geometry will provide you with access to our teacher portal and dashboard. Our teacher portal allows you to create student accounts and our teacher dashboard provides access to performance reports on a student and class level.


6. Can you walk me through how to solve a proof using CanFigureIt Geometry?

Sure, watch this tutorial video! If you still have questions, reach out to us at educators@new.canfigureit.com and we’ll be happy to arrange some one-on-one help.


7. How do I use the algebra function within CanFigureIt Geometry?

Take a look at this tutorial video! If you still have questions, reach out to us at educators@new.canfigureit.com and we’ll be happy to arrange some one-on-one help.


8. How do I join the Proof Ninja Educator Program?

Just ask! Reach out to us at educators@new.canfigureit.com to request inclusion in this special program that allows for more engagement opportunities. This opportunity is available to a limited number of teachers on a first-come, first-served basis.


9. Do you have tutorial videos, webinars or guides to help me get started?

Yes! We run a monthly webinar series (sign-up to receive announcements) and you can view our archived tutorials and webinars here and printed guide here.


10. Is CanFigureIt Geometry integrated with Google Classroom?

Yes, CanFigureIt Geometry is integrated with Google Classroom rostering for Single Sign On.
To upload your Google Classroom rosters or match your student accounts, refer to this guide and follow these steps:
  • If you’re new to CanFigureIt Geometry or don’t have any existing student accounts set up, you can directly import your classes from Google Classroom and your students will be able to log in via single sign-on with Google (page 4) .
  • If you have existing classes and student accounts using CanFigureIt Geometry, you can match your students’ CanFigureIt Geometry accounts with their Google accounts to enable single sign-on (page 7).

Still have questions? Reach out to us at educators@new.canfigureit.com or 844-222-2320 and we’ll be happy to help!