Privacy Notice

Dear [Parent or Guardian’s Full Name],

We are writing to you in connection with our school’s new online learning resource – CanFigureIt Geometry® – a highly interactive tool provides an easy-to-use workspace where students can practice proofs while exercising their deductive reasoning skills. We plan to use CanFigureIt Geometry as part of our teaching and, as part of this, the school will, if you consent to this (more details below), provide a username and password for your child to access their own online CanFigureIt Geometry account.

What follows is a privacy notice from the company that operates CanFigureIt Geometry.


The purpose of this notice is to explain and inform parents of the information to be collected, used and disclosed by CanFigureIt when using CanFigureIt Geometry.

Who is CanFigureIt, and how to contact CanFigureIt?

CanFigureIt is a devoted team of educators, scientists, designers, animators, and developers on a mission to bring game-based learning experiences into high school science classrooms. We’re passionate about learning, especially when it comes to the student experience. Our mission is to on an intuitive level in a fun, challenging, and engaging way; to give high school students deepened, enduring understandings of key concepts; and to seamlessly merge game play with science content to create rich game-based learning environments.

You can contact CanFigureIt by email at; by phone at (844) 222-2320; or by mail at: 261 Madison Ave, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10016

The limited personal data CanFigureIt may collect about your child

Educators who wish to use CanFigureIt Geometry with their students will receive an access code. Students will only be able to create or access their accounts with that code provided by their educator. In order to create a student account, we will ask students to provide their full name, username, password and password recovery information.

In addition, we automatically receives and records information on our server logs from user’s browsers, including IP addresses. We uses IP addresses to maintain a user’s session, paid and unpaid, but we do not store the IP addresses and we delete them on a daily basis. This information is not combined with your child’s limited personal data.

How will your child’s limited personal data be used by CanFigureIt?

It is important that you understand that your child’s limited personal data is only used for the operational and educational purposes of CanFigureIt Geometry.

CanFigureIt will not use your child’s limited personal data for any marketing communications. CanFigureIt Geometry does not have any advertising or website message boards, such as bulletin boards or chat rooms.

From time to time, CanFigureIt will anonymize the limited personal data we hold about your child to improve CanFigureIt Geometry services and analyze how CanFigureIt Geometry is being used by schools and students. We may use or share anonymous information or aggregate and de-identified information for educational research purposes, to evaluate the educational benefit of using our services, to improve our services, or to show the efficacy and usage when marketing our services. Please see CanFigureIt’s Privacy Policy for a full list of who this information may be shared with at the link provided at the end of this notice.

We may also need to share your child’s limited personal data with CanFigureIt’ partners, business affiliates, and third-party service providers who work for us and help make our work, such as hosting services and streaming services. They are well-known, established service providers, who are bound contractually to practice adequate security measures and only use your information for the sole purpose of providing the services. Such sharing is limited to that necessary to operate CanFigureIt Geometry. These third parties do not have independent right to share users personally identifiable information.

Your consent

Parents and legal guardians of children under 13 who use CanFigureIt Geometry have certain rights under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and CanFigureIt supports those rights. CanFigureIt does not collect, use, or disclose personally-identifying information from children under 13, without a parent or guardian’s consent. You are being asked to provide your consent related to your child’s use of CanFigureIt Geometry through the school.

How to withdraw consent

You may withdraw your consent at any time. Please contact us using the contact information provided above to do so. The consequence is that your child will no longer be permitted to access CanFigureIt Geometry unless and until they are old enough to consent for themselves.

You should also contact the school if you withdraw consent.

How to get more information

For more information on CanFigureIt’ privacy practices, you are encouraged to review the full version of Privacy Policy, available at or contact us directly, as described above.